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A Great Variety of Upholstery Supplies Available For You

In California and throughout the United States, furniture manufacturers have trusted Pacific Upholstery Supply for more than 70 years to provide the best quality upholstery supplies. Since opening in 1946, Pacific has been offering high-end products and customized solutions to help professionals elevate their work.

With experience comes expertise, which is why we feel confident guaranteeing your satisfaction. Every item sold at Pacific is fully vetted and tested for quality, durability, ease of use, and industry standards. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, you can find everything you need to create long-lasting, high-quality furniture for a reasonable price.

Why Choose Pacific’s Upholstery Supplies

In the world of manufacturing, online ‘budget’ options and “dealers you can trust” are a dime-a-dozen, often saying they offer far more than they can actually provide. It is easy to get distracted by the noise of businesses trying to get your attention, but in truth, all you really need is one quality supplier.

At Pacific Upholstery Supply, integrity is what’s most important. We’ve been proud to establish relationships with companies that have stood the test of time. Year after year, our clients return to us for their supplies, which they then turn into their incredible products.


When it comes to upholstery, quality is everything. A low-quality decking, thread, webbing, textile, or adhesive will significantly reduce the quality of your furniture, making your pieces not last as long, sustain wear more quickly, and be considered less valuable by your customers ultimately harming your brand.  Reliable, consistent quality is a hallmark of successful businesses and an integral part of maintaining a good reputation.

At Pacific, we carry only the highest quality textiles, tools, and accessories. Unlike those companies that promise major results without delivering, the quality of our upholstery supplies speaks for itself.

Quantity & Options

While you might be able to find one or two items elsewhere, working with Pacific will show you the benefit of having so many options from one supplier. From poly-cotton twills and moisture barriers, Pacific has all the woven textiles and non-woven textile varieties you need for furniture and bedding construction. No matter the kind of upholstery project, we can help you find the right solution. Choose from our inventory of high-quality fabrics, or take a look at our many accessories and tools.

At Pacific, we carry decorative nails and hardware and tools for constructing upholstered furniture. We offer items such adhesives, threads, needles, and cleaners to help with finishing touches to your work. Here are some of the types of textiles we offer:

  •     Burlap
  •     Jute
  •     Spunelle
  •     Super Denim/Pac Denim
  •     Poly-cotton twill
  •     100% Polyester
  •     Muslin
  •     Canvas
  •     Vinyl


Combining quality products, reasonable prices, and personal customer service, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry and one of the most trusted upholstery supply suppliers in the United States. We have supplied  hundreds of businesses with the best and most affordable upholstery supply options available, helping our clients to save money and create better products.

Other Industrial Supplies

Besides our upholstery products, Pacific also carries a variety of tools, accessories, and textiles for roofing, landscaping, and more. Our customers span a large number of industries from every corner of the country, and ultimately create products that serve communities all over the world.

Have you been searching for high-quality upholstery supplies? The search is over. Visit Pacific Upholstery Supply online or call us at (323) 321-2222.

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