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Find the Best Quality Upholstery Supplies Near Me

For more than 70 years, Pacific Upholstery Supply has been serving furniture manufacturers and designers in California and throughout the United States. Since 1946, furniture makers and upholsterers have turned to Pacific Upholstery Supply every time they wonder “who has the best quality upholstery supplies near me?” By offering high-quality materials at reasonable prices and working to make every customer experience completely satisfactory, Pacific Upholstery Supply has earned its place as a leader in the textile industry.

Specializing in woven and non-woven textiles, tools, and accessories for a variety of industries, Pacific Upholstery Supply is especially known for high-quality upholstery supplies. Great craftsmanship is only one part of building quality furniture. The quality of the materials plays a large role. When companies choose to source upholstery supplies from Pacific Upholstery Supply, they receive unparalleled customer service and personalized solutions from our team of experts.


Find the Best Quality Upholstery Supplies Near MeFurniture comes in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and forms, which is why we carry a huge variety of upholstery textiles at Pacific Upholstery Supply. Our textiles are designed to be of the utmost quality, made to be durable, long-lasting, and attractive. By choosing a high-quality textile, you increase the value of your finished furniture and ensure your customers are as satisfied with your products as possible.

At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we carry a variety of textiles designed for a variety of purposes. Our textiles range from traditional woven fabrics and upholstery textiles to non-woven fabrics, vinyl, and moisture barriers. Here are some of the types of textiles we are proud to offer at Pacific Upholstery Supply:

  •     Poly cotton twill
  •     100% polyester
  •     Muslin
  •     Burlap
  •     Jute
  •     Spunelle
  •     100% cotton ducks & canvas
  •     Vinyl and moisture barriers
  •     Fire barriers


An often overlooked element of sewing, upholstering, and furniture construction, the right thread can make a world of difference in creating a high-quality piece of upholstered furniture. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we offer a range of bonded nylon thread options in a wide array of colors. Choose from bright and neutral tones and find the perfect thread for your project.

Our thread is durable to ensure your results are long-lasting, made from durable but slippery nylon to help prevent knots and tangles. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, you can choose from large spools of thread, pre-wound bobbins, and more.


Though thread will do a lot of the work of holding your upholstery job together, a great upholsterer knows when to utilize a strong adhesive as well. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we offer several varieties of spray and glue stick adhesives. Spray adhesives help you to create super-thin coats of adhesive, perfect for quickly bonding materials and covering large surface areas. For more detailed adhesive work, glue sticks offer more control and precision.

Bottom Cloth

Along with our woven fabrics, Pacific Upholstery Supply is proud to carry high-quality non-wovens like bottom cloth, perfect for finishing and closing off the bottoms of furniture projects. Used to cover the underside of furniture and to create a finished look on the bottoms of chairs, couches, etc., bottom cloth is an important textile in any furniture manufacturer’s toolbox.

Sewing Tools

When constructing beautiful furniture, you should be using the best, highest-quality, most accurate supplies. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we carry a number of tools to help make your job easier without sacrificing results. Among the sewing tools we carry are the following:

  •     Anti-dust tailor’s chalk
  •     Scissors/fabric shears
  •     Hammers
  •     Staple pullers
  •     Sewing needles
  •     Tape
  •     Twine
  •     Silicone spray
  •     Sewing machine oil

Quality Upholstery Supplies Near Me: Accessories and Hardware

Though textiles are the main focus in upholstery, accessories can turn a furniture project from good to great. With the proper accessories/hardware, you can add a modern touch, a classic flair, or a unique element to any piece of upholstered furniture. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we carry a huge variety of decorative and practice accessories and pieces of hardware.

Zippers and buttons make removing and cleaning elements of the finished pieces easier. Decorative nails add a rustic but classic look to simple designs. Removable furniture feet can help give a piece more height, add a new design element, or make your project more practical for everyday living. No matter the type of project, the team at Pacific Upholstery Supply can help you find the perfect finishing accessories.

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