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Improve Furniture Construction With Our Upholstery Supplies

When furnishing manufacturers are looking for upholstery supplies such as thread or elastic webbing, they want the very best quality to ensure that the products that they make will hold up over time. Being able to find durable and low cost construction fabrics within an affordable budget will allow you to give your production team the tools that they need to build high quality furnishings including mattresses and sofas. At Pacific Supplies, we can offer you the very best fabrics and accessories to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Traditional Materials For Furniture Construction

Improve Furniture Construction With Our Upholstery SuppliesThe majority of companies building furniture in the US make use of traditional materials such as bottom cloth, decking and construction fabrics, as well as zippers, adhesives and clipboards. These are often used to make furniture such as chairs and sofas, and they will need to be of the very best quality, otherwise the finished construction will be of a lower standard. If your customers are interested in the very best then all of these materials should be of the same quality in order to meet their demands. Shortchanging businesses on low-cost materials including buttons and zippers can come back to bite you when these cheap alternatives fail. It makes sense to buy the very best right from the start, so that your clients are completely satisfied by the products that we give to you.

Talk To The Experts In Upholstery Materials

When you need upholstery and furnishings to provide customers with high-quality products, talk to Pacific Upholstery Supply today. We can offer you a range of different upholstery materials, ranging from fabrics used in creating the furnishings to glues, welts and even molds for buttons. Whatever you need to create the finished look for their furnishings, or to complete upholstery projects, our supplies offer them the very best choice for modern furniture. To find out more about what we can provide your business with, contact the team by calling (323) 321-2222 now.

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