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Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA

Shop a Wide Range of Products and Materials with a Top Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA

Customers turn to Pacific Upholstery Supply when they require an Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA that can provide the precise products they require. Some of the products we can help you with include supplies, nonwovens, and upholstery threads. If you have any queries, you may call us immediately at 323-321-2222 or keep reading to discover more about our goods.

You Can Turn to Us as Your Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA if You Need Burlap or Jute Webbing

You can shop with us if you need burlap or braided welt. We have many different sheets and rolls that you can choose from. Burlap is available in 40” 10oz x 110 yds. Jute webbing is available in 9lb and 11lb. Are you unclear on which of these sizes or options is best for your project? Then we advise getting in touch with Pacific Upholstery Supply at 323-321-2222 to speak with a knowledgeable Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA. They can help you reduce your selections and make sure you get what you need.

Work with an Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA Who Has a Wide Range of Adhesive Options Available

If you need adhesives, we have you covered. If you need spray glue, glue sticks, or cans of adhesive, we have options for you. For our clients in business and industry, we also offer bulk systems and bulk adhesive items.

Work with An Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA for Button Molds

Choose from many sizes and styles of button molds for your upholstery project. We offer several button sizes including: 22, 30, 36, 45, and 60. Prong backs, softshells, wire eye backs, corrugated nail backs, plastic hook backs, plastic washer, and pre-tied loops are just a few of the several styles you can select from.

Do You Need Construction Fabrics from an Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA?

No matter the project you are about to take on, you can count on our nonwoven construction fabrics to be up to the challenge. Select from spinal textiles, nonwoven require punch, or stitchboard. These all function for a wide range of application kinds. Pick from a variety of rolls in varying lengths and thicknesses. You can choose from black, white, brown, or gray.

It really is that straightforward: contact us if you’re looking for the best Upholstery Supplier in Fresno CA. Let us put it this way: if you need an upholstery supplier in Fresno CA then we invite you to contact Pacific Upholstery Supply at 323-321-2222.

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