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Superior Quality Polyester Roofing Fabric

Finding high-quality supplies for industrial purposes can be a challenge, especially if you want to do so at reasonable prices. For roofing supply companies and contractors, quality is always of the utmost importance. A poorly-built roof can leave a home or business vulnerable to the elements, with heavy rain and winds posing a real threat to the safety of the building and everyone inside. A well-built roof made with sub-par materials will be similarly flimsy, lasting only a few years before requiring major and expensive repairs. That’s why it is fundamental to look for high quality polyester roofing fabric.

Choosing the right materials will guarantee a better end-result, allowing roofing supply companies and contractors to offer higher quality products. Quality materials not only improve the results of a project but also make executing any project easier, safer, and quicker. Unfortunately, in order to acquire quality materials, many professionals find themselves paying unreasonable prices or having to otherwise inconvenience themselves. With Pacific Upholstery Supply, finding quality tools, materials, and accessories is a breeze, and nothing is ever overpriced so you know you are getting the best price for the high-quality items you are after.

About Pacific Upholstery Supply

Superior Quality Polyester Roofing FabricPacific Upholstery Supply has been serving professionals all over the US for more than 70 years, selling high-quality fabrics, textiles, tools, and accessories. For us, quality at a reasonable price combined with premium customer service is the backbone of what has made us successful. We understand the importance of having quality materials available to you, which is why we have focused on finding, making, and selling only the best of the best.

Another important part of our business model is helping customers to discover the perfect solutions for their particular projects. We work closely with our customers to help them find the perfect materials, tools, accessories, and more to ensure their final results are fully satisfactory.

Using high-end professional converting equipment, Pacific Upholstery Supply is able to convert traditional woven and non-woven textiles, paper, plastic, specialty fabrics, vinyl, film, and much more. Offering custom slitting, re-rolling, perforation, paneling, labeling, lamination, rewinding, adhesive application, inspections and more, the options for acquiring quality textiles, paper, and similar materials are virtually endless with Pacific.

Quality Polyester Roofing Fabric

Using careful layering and building techniques, roofing supply companies and contractors create durable, long-lasting roofs with multiple layers of protection. Preventing water from entering a home or business, keeping parts intact through strong winds, withstanding constant temperature changes, and other environmental concerns all have to be considered during the roof building process. We offer the kinds of products that can help with exactly that.

At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we carry a high-end polyester roofing fabric that is perfect for cold-process coatings. Adding a layer of protection and durability, this fabric helps to bind the roof together, increase durability, and prevent punctures or holes. Unlike conventional felt roofing fabric, this fabric possesses superior tensile strength, tear strength, and puncture resistance.

This high-quality polyester roofing fabric is intended for use with cold-process applications like water-based asphalt, acrylic emulsion coatings, solvent-based coatings, and mastics. Durable, high-quality, and easy to handle, our fabric is superior to traditional roofing fabrics. Made for easy handling and easy application, this fabric won’t wrinkle, ridge, or bunch, helping to create a smooth finished product. This particular kind of fabric is easy to use on virtually any base or material and can be used on uneven surfaces to help create a smooth, durable end-result.

Industrial Fabrics

Besides roofing fabric, Pacific Upholstery Supply specializes in a variety of industrial fabrics and textiles. Non-woven and woven fabrics, upholstery fabric, foam welts, burlap, jute, and so much more can be found at Pacific Upholstery Supply. We have been churning out high-quality industrial textiles since 1946, helping manufacturers find and use the best and most durable materials for their products.

Pacific Upholstery Supply carries a huge range of items, and manufacturers love our non-woven fabrics like spunbond polypropylene, needlepunch polyester, and more. Non-woven fabrics are an important part of many industrial projects, from mattress making and roofing to air filtration and erosion control. For upholsterers, Pacific Upholstery Supply carries a huge number of upholstery textiles, tools, supplies, and accessories. From beautiful woven fabrics to decorate nails, everything you could ever need to finish an upholstered piece of furniture can be found with Pacific.

Pacific Upholstery Supply also carries tools and supplies, like adhesives, nails, twine, decking, edging, and more. Our vast array of industrial high-quality materials are priced reasonably, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a good-quality product.

In need of industrial fabrics, textiles, and accessories? Visit the Pacific Upholstery Supply website or give us a call at (323) 321-2222 to learn more about our products and services.

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