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The Importance of Non Wovens in the Manufacturing Industry

Though some traditional textiles are utilized, the majority of the fabric materials used in manufacturing are non wovens, designed for extra tensile strength, isolation capabilities, and filtering qualities. Manufacturers, landscapers, builders, and professionals in virtually every corner of the industry rely on non-woven fabrics to help them create high-quality products and deliver lasting results to their own customers.

The name “non wovens” refers to their non-traditional nature, made by binding short/medium fibers together using heat, solvents, and other binding treatments. Short fibers are made into sheets or tightly bound webs, then used in construction, landscaping, furniture building, and a massive number of industrial projects. Non-wovens are particularly revered for their strength, reinforcing qualities, and durability.

Non Wovens from Pacific Upholstery Supply

The Importance of Non Wovens in the Manufacturing IndustrySince 1946, Pacific Upholstery Supply has been serving manufacturers from a variety of industries by providing our expert knowledge, expertise, and high-quality products. At Pacific Upholstery Supply, we craft and sell high-quality textiles, tools, and accessories as well as help customers find custom solutions for their industrial projects. More than 70 years of experience has given us invaluable insight into the needs of our clients and their projects, and we use this knowledge to help them make the best decisions for their unique needs.

Non-woven fabrics are among the many products we carry at Pacific Upholstery Supply. Our non-woven fabrics are designed with more than seven decades of experience backing our methods, helping us to create materials that are reliable, long-lasting, and thoughtfully made. Along with using the best quality materials, we utilize the best methods for creating high-quality finished products that exceed industry standards.

Pacific Upholstery Supply’ non-woven fabrics can be custom slit to order. You can also choose to have them treated with additional services like hydrophobic treatments and others. They come in a number of weights, material types, and sizes. Here are the types of non-woven fabrics we carry at Pacific Upholstery Supply:

  •     Spunbound polypropylene
  •     Spunbound polyester
  •     Flatbond polyester
  •     Needlepunch polypropylene
  •     Needlepunch polyester
  •     Stitchbond polyester
  •     Sonically bonded laminates

Applications of Non Woven Fabric in Manufacturing

Professionals in virtually every corner of the manufacturing and services world use non-wovens to reinforce, fortify, or aid in the completion of their work. Non-woven fabrics are used for added strength, to cover or finish pieces of furniture, for insulation, for filtration, and much more. With the huge variety of materials and types available, non-woven fabrics offer manufacturers an incredible array of options. Some common applications of non-wovens in manufacturing include:

  •     Furniture construction
  •     Upholstery
  •     Carpet backing
  •     Bedding/mattress construction
  •     Air filtration
  •     Fluid filtration (water, coffee, tea, etc.)
  •     Vacuum bags
  •     Packaging
  •     Mailing envelopes
  •     Roofing
  •     Agricultural crop cover (i.e. for frost protection)
  •     Soil stabilizers
  •     Erosion control
  •     Food processing
  •     Medical accessories/equipment

Though some applications of non wovens require only temporary use to be made of the item, most non-wovens are especially favored for strength and the ability to withstand a certain level of stress/friction. Some more temporary uses of non-wovens include medical accessories like masks, gowns, and hats which, once used, are thrown away. Though these items do not see extended use, they nevertheless are required to be strong and durable in order to protect patients and caregivers.

Some applications of non-wovens are for the longer term, requiring durability and longevity from the materials being used. Many of our clients that choose non-wovens from Pacific Upholstery Supply use our materials for roofing and landscaping projects. These types of projects require non-woven fabric with high tensile strength, the ability to withstand high levels of stress, and resistance to environmental changes.

Converting Services Make Your Job Easier

In many cases, acquiring the materials you need for a project is only half of the job. Once the materials arrive on site, many manufacturers are forced to take painstaking measures to convert the materials to a form in which they are useful. Usually coming rolled or in large sheets, materials like non-woven fabrics can be difficult to slit, perforate, re-roll, etc. without the correct equipment and impossible to use without being converted. Rather than wasting time converting yourself or finding a third-party converter to do it for you, take advantage of Pacific Upholstery Supply.

As some of the foremost experts in the field of non-wovens, traditional textiles, paper, plastic, and other specialty fabrics, we know exactly how to handle your materials so you get the best, highest-quality results. Our specialty converting equipment can slit, re-roll, perforate, panel, label, or laminate virtually any paper, plastic, textile, or specialty fabric. With our expertise, you can have your materials cut and sliced to your exact specifications.

In need of high-quality non-woven fabrics for a future project? Visit us online on the Pacific Upholstery Supply website to see our full range of products, or give us a call at (323) 321-2222 to learn more.

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