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Uses Of Polyester Fabric In Furnishing Construction

Polyester is an extremely common material used in a variety of different industries, from clothing and upholstery to luggage and sewing yarn. Polyester fabric can be used in the construction of furniture to provide strength and durability compared to traditional materials. If you are looking for different types of construction materials, then this fabric is a great choice for you. Pacific Upholstery Supply is here to offer you plenty of options when it comes to furniture construction fabric, so that you can offer your customers the high quality products to which they’re accustomed.

What Is Polyester?

Uses Of Polyester Fabric In Furnishing ConstructionPolyester is a synthetic polymer sometimes known as PET and is made by mixing ethylene glycol with an acid. Polyester is extremely durable, and yet is still lightweight enough to be made into clothing and upholstery fabrics. Fibers can easily be dyed and transformed, but are still resistant to stretching, creasing and shrinking. It is easy to take care of, and can be washed, so it is popular with those making products for a domestic market.

A Range Of Products

Polyester can be converted into a variety of different products, and this means that it can be used in a number of ways during the construction of furnishings. For example, it can be used with natural material such as cotton to create twills that can be used as a decking or pillow insert.  Polyester yarn can be used in an overlock sewing machine to create a strong and durable stitch. Most domestic clients will work with polyester thread in their sewing projects, for example. Whatever your clients need in terms of construction, polyester material can be a great place to start.

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When you need a reliable supplier to provide you with high quality polyester fabric for your clients, Pacific Upholstery Supply are here to help you with a range of upholstery and furniture construction supplies. Ranging from our nonwoven products to polyesters, cotton and muslins, we can offer you a range of options for your production needs. Simply talk to our team to discuss your needs, and learn more about our upholstery and furnishing construction fabrics. To find out exactly how our polyester products can give you the supplies your clients need, contact us today by calling (323) 321-2222 now.

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